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Exit Ticket Examples

Exit tickets are one of the formative evaluation tools. They are effective activities used by teachers at the end of their lessons for students to review the knowledge they have acquired. It is insufficient to ask students “"Is there anything you don't understand?” at the end of the lesson and get real feedback from them. As the exit tickets are not merely questions but also activities, they are liked by the students and the expected data from the students can be obtained. Exit tickets can be used not only for teachers to conduct formative assessment on the subject they teach, but also to get students’ opinions on the lesson or an activity they implement in the lesson. There are many exit ticket examples, even the teacher can produce his own output card. Now, let's share with you the most preferred exit tickets to create ideas.

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I used to think... but now I...

3-2-1 Exit Ticket

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Ask a question and answer ticket

What I like the most about the lesson...


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